Clínica de angiologia e cirurgia vascular em Campinas

[Imagem: foam-sclerotherapy-sclerofoam]

Varicose Veins. Endovenous foam Treatment. When injected inside a vein, the micro foam displaces the blood creating better contact with the vein wall. Sclerosant seals off the varicose veins.

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Varicose Veins. Endovenous Laser Treatment. laser fiber is inserted into the vein through a tiny incision. The catheter delivers laser heat to the vein wall, causing it to heat and seal shut

[Imagem: varicose-veins-treatment-2]

Varicose veins. Medical treatment. Isolated on white background

[Imagem: ateriosclerosis-2]

Illustration showing the process of ateriosclerosis

[Imagem: aneurysm-illustration-2]

3d rendered medical illustration - aneurysm of the aorta

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Pretty and young lady with pink shoes isolated on a white background

[Imagem: varicose-veins-and-bandage-2]

Varicose veins and bandage. Isolated on white background

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